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I am in awe of the strength and resilience I have been privileged to witness.


Internal Family Systems, an evidence based psychotherapy, including Somatic Internal Family Systems, is the framework and the map I use to support your journey and learning. It is the most efficient and effective modality I have studied (and I’ve studied many over the decades). As Dick Schwartz, founder of IFS says, “There are No Bad Parts”. All of our behaviors, yes, even those that are ultimately harmful, come about for good reasons. Perhaps counterintuitive, but nonetheless true, the changes we desire are more likely to occur when self compassion is practiced along side of, and eventually instead of, self criticism.


If you want, we may use mindfulness, polyvagal theory and yoga practices and strategies to support your healing and growth.

Please note: I am not taking new clients at this time. If you are a former client and think that one to three sessions might be helpful at this time, please contact me. I am not available for longer term work, but I will try to offer names of other therapists if you want.



If you want, I will teach you evidence based yoga practices: pranayama (breathing), mindfulness; mindful movement designed to reduce stress, self regulate, resource and manage moods. After you have learned those that interest you, you can play with them at home to support and nourish your growth. My training includes: the basic 200 hour yoga teacher training; LifeForce Yoga ®; iRest Yoga Nidra ®; Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra (TM); Coherent Breathing (TM); and Restorative Yoga.





I offer individual and group supervision, consultation and training for mental health clinicians, somatic practitioners and coaches who want to include Internal Family Systems, stress reducing autonomic nervous system (ANS) balancing and yoga practices suitable for an office setting (no mat needed).


I offer consultation and training for yoga teachers and yoga therapists who want to integrate Internal Family Systems and ANS stress reduction practices in their classes or individual yoga therapy sessions.


I offer supervision hours that count toward the LCSW credential in Pennsylvania.


I am committed to offering affordable supervision and consultation hours to BIPOC and others with financial need. Reach out to me if this is you.



ALSO some of what WHAT I DO


Being outside with and in Nature, walking, gardening, moving my body, writing, being with

friends, family and feline family, advocating for social justice and candidates whose values align

with mine, getting out the vote, meditation, volunteering, lots of listening,

learning how to be an Elder;

also solitaire, (too much solitaire:)


“What is it you plan to do with your one wild

and precious life?”

Mary Oliver


Yoga Nidra is coming back… three years (two years and eleven months to be precise), after my last Yoga Nidra class. I’m looking forward to seeing and practicing with you again, in this upcoming class at In Harmony Wellness, on Sunday, February 12th from 11:15-12:45. You can register and pay directly:


Noticing what is present will be the ground we explore with curiosity.  This class will start with an  invitation for gentle mindful movement, then seated breathing, then setting up the nest where you will lie down (or sit if you choose) to receive the guided yoga nidra practice.

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