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Path to Connection

I am an expert
losing and finding my way
again and again.

I have gotten most lost and depressed
trying to please another because I wanted approval
or I was avoiding anger.

I learned a lot about what doesn’t help.
I learned what it really means to
“Put your own oxygen mask on first.”

Through serendipity, luck and hard work
I found yoga, then psychotherapy.
I learned to listen to and live in my body,
cultivate relationships with my “parts”:
thoughts, feelings, sensations.

Through loss and trauma,
loving connections, community and privilege,
I have found my way Home.
As new challenges arise, I can get lost again;
but Lost is a Guide, not an indictment,
and I now know Home.

It doesn’t matter why or how or if you get lost.
Labels like depression, anxiety or trauma
do not define and need not confine you.

You can find the path Home and
The Path to Connection that is right for you.

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