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Path to Connection

I am an expert

I lose my way, Find it

again and again.

I’ve been lost, depressed,

Tried to please another, to avoid anger.


I learned what doesn’t help -

what it means to “Put your own oxygen mask on first” -

that healing is an inside job.


Through serendipity and luck

I found yoga, then psychotherapy.

Now I listen to and live in my body,

cultivate relationships with my “parts”:

befriend the thoughts, feelings and sensations.


Labels: depression, anxiety

do not define, need not confine.

We are not the names

we have been called.


Through loss and trauma, loving connections,

community, privilege, and hard work,

I have found my way.

As new challenges arise, I can get lost again;

but now I know Home.

If you get lost

you can find healing within

a Path to Connection

A place called Home.

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